The secret to beautiful skin

Recently I have been getting compliments on how radiant my skin is. When they ask me what I use, I respond: "SUNBLOCK". Sun block protects the fragile skin from your face from the damaging UV and UVA rays, the ones that cause skin cancer and wrinkles!

UVA radiation damages the skin's cellular DNA which can produce genetic mutations that can lead to skin cancer. Now, UVA is responsible for 95% of the radiation we get exposed to and penetrates the skin more deeply than UBV. It is also known to be the source premature aging and wrinkling of the skin (photo aging).

Tanning booths primarily emit UVA. The high-pressure sunlamps used in tanning salons emit doses of UVA as much as 12 times that of the sun. So watch out my little tanning bed addict darlings!

Now, remember those times when you've been red and have had a burning sensation for days? UVB is the cause of it because it affects the epidermal layers of your skin but it still contributes to the possibility of getting skin cancer.

So, I've been wearing sunscreen on my face religiously for about 17 years. As of now. I have been using Josie Maran's Argan Oil and SPF 47. It acts as a moisturizer and it's mineral based which means it doesn't have hormone disruptive ingredients in in. You can purchase it here :

I have also been using Dr. Dennis Gross because it's mineral based and it had an higher SPF at a whooping SPF 55! Now, this one can leave a little white thin finish to your skin, specially if you have dark skin, but it can be covered up with makeup. You can check it out here:

This is my number one secret to healthy looking skin! I hope this has been informative and that you can take advantage of it. Please let me know about your experiences!

Toodle Doo!