Got Winter Skin?


As the month of November starts, and daylight savings gives us an extra hour of sleep, our skin goes through some serious, not so amicable changes. If you have combination skin, chances are your T-Zone is becoming dry while looking more shiny than a greasy pan. To make matters worse, the area around your mouth might become dry and flaky. Yay for winter weather! Not!

As the coldest months of winter weather arrive, my skin routine changes drastically. My summer worked, but as the month of October approached, my skin turned into a mess. I started breaking out, ugh! Dealing with teenager skin into adulthood, fun eh?

Given that what I was already using was not working, I ran to my nearest Sephora...not literally, but you get the picture. While browsing to the store, I noticed there was an entire section of these new water drencher moisturizers. After talking to skin guy #1 (he deserves a happy face sticker), I decided to go with Peter Thomas Roth. I bought they Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream: https://www.peterthomasroth.com/product/water-drench/water-drench-hyaluronic-cloud-cream/1801012/each



 I could not wait to try this piece of heaven, and so it was, a piece of heaven indeed. Not only was it affordable (insert freelancer budget here), it made my skin soft and hydrated. No more dry, flaky spots.Welcome, beautiful, winter skin!

Here's the link to the Peter Thomas Roth Drencher Collection: 





Note: this post is not sponsored by Sephora or Peter Thomas Roth